26.02.24 - 500r. entrance, Pwd: INTERNATIONAL, welcome drink included
Начало: 16 февраля 2024 в 19:00 (МСК) 1708099200
Окончание: 16 февраля 2024 в 23:00 (МСК) (завершено) 1708113600
Участников: 73
Город: Москва
Адрес: Myasnitskaya Street, 38с1 — Jim 'n' Jack's Expat Bar
Координаты:  55.765971, 37.640398
16.02.2024 - A fantastic night of games: a quiz with prizes, board games at the other tables and the friendliest international atmosphere for those willing to just socialize. MIE, Moscow International Community and Jim and Jack's Expat bar are proud to present you the Friday Quiz Night!!!

We took over the well known historical expat bar that hosted many our previous events from 19:00 till 23:00 this Friday, to provide a friendly, international and fun environment, come starting at 19:00 to register for one of the two rounds of the pub quiz, or even to simply socialize and/or play board games at the other tables.

Moscow International Community and MIE joined to make it bigger and better, so you'll have two hosts, many activities and plenty of fun: the entrance fee is 500r. and includes a welcome drink, participation to our activities and a possibility to win one of the prizes for the pub quiz winners and runner-ups.

So, don't be late, join us from the beginning, say your password (INTERNATIONAL) at the entrance, pay cash, get your wristband, your welcome drink voucher and join us for the fun!
Часовой пояс:  
Мероприятие «Friday Quiz Night», Москва, Myasnitskaya Street, 38с1, Jim 'n' Jack's Expat Bar. Начинается: 16 февраля 2024 в 19:00 (МСК). Заканчивается: 16 февраля 2024 в 23:00 (МСК). Количество участников: 73.